Measuring Devices

Tailor-made and individual – our product solutions

Precision gauging instruments and comprehensive solutions ideally fit for their place of application and the according requirements, are a hallmark of our product portfolio. As one of the leading specialists for the development and manufacturing of top-notch mechanical gauging instruments we are the right partner when products and solutions in the following areas are needed:

Depth measurement systems
Fuel cell systems
Battery cooling systems
Diver locks
Operators platforms
Ships engines
Cooling/Air conditioning systems
Fuel level measurement
Draught measurement
Filter monitoring
Breathing air systems
Ballast tank/immersion cell measurement
Naval compressor systems

Stein Sohn has been continuously ISO 9001 certified since 1995.

Technology in detail

Are you interested in detailed information about our products? Here you can find product information as pdf files for you to download, sorted by categories.

Pressure Gauges

for mounting brackets
M0029 | Datasheet (PDF 186 KB)
M0040 | Datasheet (PDF 171 KB)
Certificate of Conformity (PDF 41 KB)
M0071 | Datasheet (PDF 238 KB)

for instrument panels
M0001 | Datasheet (PDF 229 KB)
M0014 | Datasheet (PDF 56 KB)
M0015 | Datasheet (PDF 116 KB)
M0019 | Datasheet (PDF 185 KB)

on board
M0055 | Datasheet (PDF 335 KB)
M0131 | Datasheet (PDF 157 KB)
Certificate of Conformity (PDF 357 KB)

with rear mounting rim
M0009 | Datasheet (PDF 227 KB)
M0010 | Datasheet (PDF 209 KB)
M0025 | Datasheet (PDF 167 KB)
M0094 | Datasheet (PDF 160 KB)
M0111 | Datasheet (PDF 206 KB)

screw-in devices
M0003 | Datasheet (PDF 135 KB)
M0011 | Datasheet (PDF 66 KB)
M0021 | Datasheet (PDF 117 KB)
M0024 | Datasheet (PDF 233 KB)

Mounting Bracket M0200
Datasheet (PDF 114 KB)

Double Pressure Gauges

M0005 | Datasheet (PDF 159 KB)
M0050 | Datasheet (PDF 198 KB)
M0056 | Datasheet (PDF 246 KB)
M0078 | Datasheet (PDF 287 KB)

Junction Box IP66 Poly
Datasheet (PDF 129 KB)
Deck-Mount Junction Box JIS 5K-65A
Datasheet (PDF 162 KB)
Junction Box ATEX IP66 Poly
Datasheet (PDF 97 KB)
Safety Valve M88A
Datasheet (PDF 89 KB)

Tank Level Systems

indicator gauges
P0003 | Datasheet (PDF 372 KB)

transduction chambers
P0004 | Datasheet (PDF 362 KB)
P0005 | Datasheet (PDF 211 KB)
P0007 | Datasheet (PDF 113 KB)
P0013 | Datasheet (PDF 363 KB)


S0001 | Datasheet (PDF 250 KB)


S0005 | Datasheet (PDF 206 KB)

Remote Thermometers

T0006 | Datasheet (PDF 193 KB)
T0032 | Datasheet (PDF 181 KB)


S0004 | Datasheet (PDF 141 KB)
V0120 | Datasheet (PDF 146 KB)
V0123 | Datasheet (PDF 140 KB)